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Thank you for considering BRIGHTality! 







We know that committing to an educational facility can be difficult and we are here to make it easy. To begin the enrollment process, please fill out the application linked below and email it back to Makayla will be your contact throughout this process and you can email, call, or text at (802) 782-5059.

Once the application is complete, and we are able to confirm placement, we will need the following pertinent enrollment information from the school:

-Health records/Immunization Records


-Transcript/Completed Classes

-Psychological/Diagnostic/Evaluation Reports

-Any other information you feel will best serve the student 

We will also need these school forms to be completed:

-Emergency Contact Form 

-Parent/Guardian Release of Information Form 

-School Records Release Form

-Drop-Off/Pick-Up Form

-Permission for Off-Campus Excursions 

-Permission/Waiver for Transportation and Recreational Events 

-Social Media Consent Form 

-PrescriptionMedication Form- If Applicable 

-Over-The-Counter Medication Administration Permission Form 

-Student Information Form

-Off-Campus Outings by Foot Form

-Signed Student Handbook 

-Signed Cell Phone Agreement (Attached to Student Handbook)



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