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LunaWay Psychotherapy at BRIGHTality

Students at BRIGHTality School may access psychotherapy services provided by Jaime Galley through our partnership with LunaWay. This allows students to access support for their social and emotional learning while accessing their education.

Psychotherapy Services

Students have access to a range of services while studying at BRIGHTality: 

Individual Therapy

Your student can connect one-on-one with their therapist, explore their strengths and challenges in a safe and supportive environment, and better understand their educational and life goals. 

Community Based Support

Your student will be able to access services in ways that meet them where they are. Whether going for a walk, or meeting in a small group, students will have the opportunity to build their social and emotional skills and understanding. 

De-escalation Support

Your student has access to quick turn-around appointments that can help them process challenging experiences even when they don't have pre-scheduled appointments.

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